As Its time we take back our United States, we are listing a few business's that are corrupt, or just simply support the Bad guys... we will list them here and we will be sure to stay away and not spend our money in their establishments.

We have discovered that Amazon had dozens of offerings for “Blue Lives Murder” prints They should be ashamed

Target - New Britain, CT

Good Year Tires - Globally

A Group of 5 Guys employees have refused service to law enforcement officers in Daphne Alabama

E 14TH sT Iowa

KHOU was the first to report the incident, which occurred at a location in Brenham, Texas. 

Sharkys in Burton Michigan Refuses Service & Calls Police on Trump Supporters

Wait... I suppose the lesson here is to judge the one that did the crime, NOT the entire system, right... So Lets just pay attention to the locations of the business's that have been reported and be sure they do what they need to be doing and thats their jobs...

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