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We are just a number

Politicians will tell you anything you want to hear to get that vote. Most start in Politics for the true concern for their communities, with that said, we will show you a ton of videos that show you Its all about the vote. they are friends, they just throw mud at each other in public for appearances. At the end of the day, they are collecting a paycheck and have zero disregard about our lives in any way. (Trump may be an exception since he chose NOT to take a paycheck

In my opinion, there is no good side or bad side, I believe that each side Democrat or Replublican does in fact have their own great bullet points that need to be addressed about 1 thing or another in our Country.  It's the fact that they (the politicians) lie, cheat and steal to make their way for control. We the people have to decide that yes there are problems, yes they need solutions, so let's sit down, have some dialogue and figure out how we have our politicians get them fixed, remember, they work for us.

Our American way isn't to hold violent protests, burn communities or kill our own people just to get our point across, but the correct way to address these problems and fix them is to correctly go thru our legislature and have them addressed. 

The Far Left are trying to get us to have a revolution just to win the Presidency by using all these extreme organizations to race shame, or race bait. We the people have to end this cycle.

Please take the time to go thru our site and see the truth's and full video stories un edited and cropped to hear the sound bites only. We do our best to spend hours a day doing the research to find you the most pertinent truth good or bad.

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